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Glacier Peak Gold - Yeast Overgrowth Support

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Glacier Peak Gold is made up of 100% organic herbs blended into a tincture formula. Using only the purest herbs that have been proven to eliminate fungus, boost the immune system, and eradicate toxic overload.

This tincture form is highly concentrated that quickly absorbs into the body's system.

Ingredients: Organic Olive leaf, Organic Astragalus Root, Organic Black seed, Organic Slippery Elm bark, Organic Mustard seed, Organic Plantain herb, Organic Pau d'arco, Organic Clove Bud, and Organic Lobelia herb, in a base of distilled water and pure grain alcohol.

To preserve freshness, keep the lid on and store in a cool, dry place avoiding excessive heat.

Recommended Usage:

Dog's Weight Dosage:
Up to 3 pounds 2 drops, up to 3 times per day
4 - 10 pounds 5 drops, up to 3 times per day
11 - 20 pounds 10 drops, up to 3 times per day
Over 21 pounds (maximum dose) 15 drops, up to 3 times per day






Do not exceed the stated dose.

How to Administer Drops:

Drops should be added to food or treats that you know they will eat or dropped directly into the mouth.Do not add drops to drinking water. 

The protocol is to give the drops over a 30-day period as follows:

First 10 days (day 1-10) - Give drops up to 3 times a day, dependent on dog's weight (see chart above)

Next 10 days (day 11 - 20) - Discontinue for 10 days

Final 10 Days (day 21 - 30) - Resume drops at 2 times per day (to prevent relapse)

This blend is preserved in alcohol to maximize the longevity of the herbs. It is safe to give to dogs as is, however, if you would prefer not to give your dog the alcohol base, it can be evaporated in a tablespoon of boiling water. See the steps below:

To dissipate alcohol
1) Put the individual dose in a small, heat resistant bowl
2) Add 1 tablespoon of boiling water
3) Pour the new blend of water/tincture mixture over food and mix

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