Hot Spots

Hot Spots in dogs and the 8 products that can treat them.

Hot spots are basically angry looking sores.  They are characterized as being red, hairless, inflamed areas of skin that are warm to the touch and very painful and itchy for your dog.

They're fairly easy to spot as most often the area exudes pus and can be foul smelling. You'll probably notice your dog obsessively itching, licking and biting at the area.

You may also notice that they seem to appear out of nowhere. This is fairly typical as these sores start out as small circular patches that enlarge rapidly - frequently within a matter of hours. This is caused by your dog licking and biting at the area due to the extreme discomfort.

Bathing with Derma-Dyne shampoo will help to relieve the root cause of the Hot Spot as it contains an antibacterial and antifungal agent.  Following up with Wham Anti-Itch Spray will instantly relieve the itching at the site of the hot spot.

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