Yeast is a fungas that grows on moist parts of a dog's body, such as paws, ear canals, armpits, jowls, anal area and any skin folds that your pooch may have.  Yeast is very itchy and needs an antifungal agent to treat the whole skin. Nature's Specialties Quick Relief Neem Shampoo has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties so works perfectly for yeast.  It also treats other skin conditions that cause itching such as ringworm, hotspots, eczema and dermatitis.  Start by giving your dog a bath two or three times a week for a month.  After that, scale back to once a week for a month, and then finally once a month.  You can also use an anti-itch spray on those really itchy areas or for inbetween baths.  We like Nature's Specialties Wham Anti-Itch Spray as it also has an antifungal agent and works immediately to stop the itching!  Finally, following each bath with a moisturizing rinse will help to restore your dog's skin to it's natural condition.  We like Nature's Specialties Re-moisturizer With Aloe.

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