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Easily Remove Ticks with This Simple Tool!

The TickedOff tool is the simplest tool you are likely to ever use for removing a tick from yourself or your dog. Named "The World's simplest tick removal tool", it permits you to remove a tick quickly and easily without ever needing to manipulate the tick with your hands.It will remove an attached tick in seconds and can also scoop up a crawling tick that will stop the tick from attaching. 

Both doctors and veterinarians candidally approved and endorsed the use of these aids, which have also been independently tested and have shown it can help reduce the risk of tick-borne ailments.

Instruction For Removing a Tick:

Isolate the tick by parting the fur and ensuring the tick is clearly visible.

Place the wide part of the notch on the skin near the tick (hold skin taut if necessary).

Applying slight pressure downward on the skin, slide the remover forward so the small part of the notch is framing the tick.

Continuous forward sliding motion of the remover detaches the tick.

The tick is now entirely removed.

See pack for full instructions.

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