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  • Wham Anti-Itch Spray helps in the relief of itching, hot spots, yeast, dry flaky skin, dandruff and a range or other skin irritations.

Wham Anti-Itch Spray


Product Description

Nature's Specialties Wham Anti-Itch Spray


This spray is a must for any dog that suffers from itchy skin!

It can be used in conjunction with all our shampoos, either for in-between baths or for stopping those really stubborn itches....immediately! 

It is an antimicrobial and anti-fungal medicated spray that helps relieve problems associated with a variety of skin irritations such as hot spots, yeast, dry flaky skin, seborrhea (dandruff), flea bites or just for those constant chewers.

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How to Use Wham Anti Itch Spray for Dogs and Cats 01:17

A remarkable antimicrobial and anti fungal medicated spray that stops itching immediately! Helps relieve the problems associated with irritated skin whether from hot spots, burns or flea and tick infestations. A must have at home for those little brush burns or the even the non stop chewing and scratching we sometimes experience with our pets and even helps eliminate urine odors. Your pets will love you even more when they can actually stop scratching and pay attention to their pet ...you. Safe on dogs,cats,kittens,puppies,pets. To Purchase Wham, visit our Website at: http://www.naturesspecialtiesmfg.com/product/64/whamantiitch-spray-dogs-cats

  • How to Use Wha...
    A remarkable antimicrobial and anti fungal medicated spray tha...

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Product Reviews

  1. Great product that actually works!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 30th 2018

    This spray stops the itching and has a lovely smell that lasts! My pup had dry and flaky skin due to allergies. I use this on my pup directly after bathing and daily during brushing. I have noticed a significant reduction of itching and my pup smells delightful.

  2. seems to instantly stop the scratching! so far so goid!

    Posted by debbie wise on Jul 25th 2018

    Seems to really work
    Was disappointed the cream rinse wasn’t available but so far both shampoo and this work!! Very pleased

  3. It Works!

    Posted by SHANDA Fraleigh on Mar 29th 2018

    My GSD gets hot spots when he is stressed. I usually have to shave the area, then put multiple meds on it for several days to weeks and cone him (the cone of shame). But this Wham spray is a total game changer and life saver for both of us! I sprayed this on his spot a few times a day and it was dried up with in a week!! I didn’t have to shave the area or cone him!! The spray is so soothing to him he didn’t bother the spot as long as i kept it sprayed a few times daily. He also has itchy skin so I just fluffed his hair and sprayed in on his skin and it helped him be less itchy. I also use the derma-dyne shampoo, and that has helped his itchyness in the biggest way possible!

  4. I think it really does work

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 25th 2017

    Our dog had a large spot scratched open on her neck. I had been rubbing Neosporin on the spot & it seemed to get better before I got the Wham. When I got it we used it right away & I think it did look better the next day. After almost a week it is still slightly red but not scratched open.

  5. Great Products

    Posted by Joshua J. Lyon on Oct 22nd 2016

    I used this product along with:
    • Quick Relief Neem Shampoo
    • Re-moisturizer With Aloe
    In this review, I can only say that I was satisfied with the results that I received from the combinations. I did not use any one product by itself. I have a mini dachshund and she was having dry skin issues, so I went through the list of what could have been the cause and bought the three that I believed to be the best options. I have bought shampoo from the vet I take my dog to and it only made her itch more and had no positive results. I bought another shampoo later and had no good results, so I came across this website on Google.
    The results were:
    • She did not have any soreness while using them in the bath
    • The instructions were easy and worked as they said the product would
    • The dry skin seemed to not come back as bad after the first bath (which was surprising), the little itching that still occurred, the next day, more than likely was due to the already scratched skin
    • There were no visible repercussions in using all three, but seemed to work nicely. I do not remember her fur softer than it is now, also looks healthier

    I used the products three days ago, saw immediate results, and I am still satisfied, but cannot comment if the results will last the rest of the month. I do expect the products to have better results in 27 days when her next bath is scheduled. I was surprised that the results seen were only from spending $45.00. I skipped a vet visit due to these products. She fell asleep early after her bath and she slept better than she has the last two or three months. I have not tried to do the hot oil like-option yet, but plan to.

  6. A very good product

    Posted by Fred Amos on Aug 24th 2016

    This is a very good product, It lives up to the advertisement,
    I would recommend it.

  7. They work!

    Posted by Judi on Jul 22nd 2016

    Luke, one of my four dogs, has had a chronic yeast overgrowth problem. All four are fed a raw diet; Luke's includes almost no carbs. Symptoms are much worse during Summer heat. I bathed my big, fluffy friend yesterday with Quick Relief Neem Shampoo and he had immediate relief. I followed with the Re-moisturizer With Aloe, which I highly recommend, especially for a heavy coat. This morning I used a bit of Wham Anti-Itch Spray on his belly skin folds. We have skipped the usual anti-histamine doses. I am very happy with the products and so is my Luke!

  8. Stops the scratching!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2016

    Works great on my little wienie dog's itchy skin and has a pleasant smell. One thing, if your dog has allergies like mine, one application probably won't last all day. I have to spray him in the morning and also later in the day, but it does stop him from itching and scratching.

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